Success for Amanda’s knee!

Congratulations to Amanda for all of your success in rehabilitating your knee! Here’s Amanda’s story:

Amanda’s Story:

Last summer I tore my MCL.  As a regular Booty Barrer and Essentric fanatic – life for me at Lead Pilates had changed.  My chiro gave me strict instructions for no lateral movement which meant no BB and Essentrics.


Jana suggested I try Core Align.  As a new class and new equipment, I was skeptical but rehabing my knee was my number one priority so I heeded the experts advice and signed up for Core Align.


Fast forward 8 months and it is one of my favorite classes.  The rehab qualities for my knee were amazing BUT the incredible workout I get every single time is phenominal.  I can say it has changed the way my body looks and gives me much needed focus that I am able to take with me and utilize in my every day life.
Plus, the girls in my class are pretty kick ass.  Fellow work- out mates have now become good friends.


Oh, and I just got back from a 5km run.  My legs and knees felt so strong the entire run.  Thanks Chrissy, Core Align and especially Lead Pilates!!


 I love the life I lead!!