Sunday Fun at Lead

A Little Poem for R&R

Restore and Recharge how I love thee,

And how I loathe thee

With the exquisite dowel of calf painies

And the rolling out foot grainies

You make me want to stop and sob

But then gains from myself I would just rob

So through it all I groan and then sigh

Since muscles released is a natural high

R&R my muscles loathed thee

But now so relaxed they love thee

I know – a poet I am not. But I felt like having a bit of fun with that. Today I followed up R&R with some awesome Essentrics. It was a great workout – my shoulders just always burn like crazy during it, but I know they especially need what Essentrics gives them (with all my time at a desk/computer).

And Carmen pushed us hard on the abs – at least to me it felt really hard – and I loved it because I know I need it really badly. But since that isn’t enough she followed abs up with a really rip rear roaring side leg session. Is it just me or does that spot (you know the one) in kind of the side/back of your butt just burn with a hard side leg series???