Sweaty, Sweaty

No not sweety, or sweetie, or yummy sweeties, just some good old sweat. That was the result of today’s TRX class. I was so soggy today (perhaps too much information) that my back when I moved positions on the map was like a suction cup, made a rather disturbing noise as I moved LOL.

But as one of the other people in the class commented, what a great way to start a Saturday morning. Sure beats sitting around – just the way it energizes a person for the day. Gave me enough energy to go and wander about the giant Montgomery garage sale for a while. And inspired me to avoid all the unhealthy food traps that are a huge part of that neighbourhood wide garage sale. I suppose it helps that after TRX I came home and put up a huge crock pot full of chili to simmer away. Knowing that is what awaits me for supper makes all the junk much less appealing.

Thanks Carly for the energy boosting, sweat inducing, willpower building workout this morning!