Sweaty TRXing

Today’s TRX class was sure a sweaty one. 7, 17, felt like 70 varieties of squats were certainly part of the sweat building process. I find it very strange that I actually don’t mind squats in TRX but I just despise them any other time. Guess it is just about how the straps even if you are holding them lightly (my goal although the grip tightens up for some of the squat types for sure) just help you to do squats the way a person should do them.

We also did this killer bit of hamstring work that ended with me with an actual pool of sweat in that dip spot at the collar bone. Man that was some of the best/worst hamstring stuff I have done in a long time. They were definitely crying for mercy.

And in the pantheon of sweat makers let us not forget the wonderful plank on the partial arc. Oh as if the first one wasn’t hard enough with one foot out then the other. The second round we were rotating our hips and then did one leg (not me though the rotating was entirely enough for me, so my plank finished up with both feet on the ground). Oh except I forgot we kind of pushed back and forth heels back then forward.

Anyway it was a great TRX class and boy it sure seemed to build a sense of community with all of us because it was great chatting with people afterwards – just an extra dose of the always friendly environment.