Take care over Christmas!



The holidays are fast approaching and our well-being tends to take a back seat to travelling, parties, guests and fun.  But, even though you may be busy or away this time of year, don’t forget to practice some self-care!

Ball release

Long car trips or travelling can cause a shortening of our hip flexors. This can manifest as severe low back pain. Try placing a therapy ball on your belly about midpoint between your hip bone and belly button lying down on the floor. You may need to move around a bit until you find an area that is hard or tender, that’s a fascial restriction and what you want to release. Allow yourself to melt over the ball for 3 to 5 minutes. Try both sides for balance and notice how your low back and hips feel after.


Dehydration can effect many of our body’s systems. When we are drinking too many sugary drinks, coffee or alcohol our body begins to pull water from within our own body stores causing cramps, fatigue, constipation and headaches. Go grab your S’Well and fill it up! Your body is giving you feedback on what it needs, don’t forget to listen.


Sleeping in a bed or with a pillow other than your own, can really wreak havoc on your neck. Often when travelling, this can’t be helped but a simple cervical stretch can really help to get you through until you can back for a treatment or adjustment. Sit comfortably in a firm seat (ie: kitchen chair) grab on to the underside of the chair with one hand to anchor the arm, then sitting tall with shoulders down and back look toward the opposite armpit. You should feel a good stretch up the shoulder into the neck, feel free to use the other hand to apply a little more pressure to the top of the head into that stretch. Hold for 2-3 minutes each side and notice how your neck is moving afterwards.

At this time of year we tend to put everyone else’s needs before our own. Remember, that you are important too and turn a little love inward. Happy Holidays!


Rachel Harrison, RMT

Myofascial Release Therapist