Tanya’s Story

I started at Lead 8 years ago, after the birth of my first child. I had gone to the gym previously, doing the same routine of lifting weights and cardio. After becoming a mother, I wanted a gentler fitness program that required less time with same benefits to my body. I had heard about Pilates, but had never tried it until one of my employees told me how great Lead was.

I started out with mat classes. I remember driving home, feeling refreshed, taller and with a clear mind after every class. As a new mom, hunched over nursing, carrying a baby everywhere and being up all night with my reflux baby, this was exactly what I needed. I never had time alone for myself, except at Pilates. It was my escape!

I later moved onto Flex classes, which I continued to do throughout my next two pregnancies. The Lead instructors were so accommodating, that they gave me modifications that allowed me to continue exercising right up until my babies were born and jump back into class following my 6 week checkup. The breathing techniques used in mat class even helped me get through those tough contractions. My obstetrician was even impressed!

Yet, after having 3 babies in 3.5 years, the body that I thought could withstand anything, had started to fall apart. My tailbone, pubic bone and pelvis had shifted. I was in a tremendous amount of pain. I couldn’t stand up straight and could hardly walk. I felt helpless. My doctor offered no solutions, so I called Jana. She made time for me immediately. When she saw me hobble into the studio, she said, “Oh Tanya!” I fought back my tears because someone finally saw my pain and she knew this wasn’t me. Jana worked with me and gave me some exercises to do at home. After nearly 2 years of chiropractic and massage appointments, along with Pilates, I was moving without pain.

Whenever I have a physical ailment, Jana and her team at Lead are still my main resource to get me back on track. I feel so grateful to all of the talented, knowledgeable and compassionate people Jana has grouped together under one roof. I thank Jana, Dr. Willow ND, Dr. Rikki, Nicole, Desiree and Mel for keeping my body working properly.

As a busy mom of 3, I have made my own physical fitness and health a priority. If I don’t take care of myself, my whole family suffers. When I walk through the doors at Lead, I know that time is just for me. The Flex classes help me clear my mind and focus on myself for 50 minutes. I leave feeling rejuvenated, energized and positive. Essentrics is like having a massage and a workout at same time – who doesn’t want that?! Bodhi and Pilates Barre keep me powerful and strong so I can carry that hockey bag and a child at the same time!

It’s so important to my husband and I that we raise our children in a home where health and strength are required for quality of life. We have to model those behaviours so our children will also value the importance of exercise and nutrition. Lead has been an integral part of helping me survive motherhood!

– Tanya