Thankful for Movement

I have spent the past week at the Nutritious Movement headquarters in Sequim, Washington (home to the famous Katy Bowman, one of my movement mentors). I knew that I would meet amazing people during my week, gain a deeper understanding about restorative movement and corrective exercises to bring back to my team and our clients, and see a beautiful area of the US (the Pacific North West is amazing).  What I did not expect, was the impact that dedicating time to me was going to have on my body and my mind.

Our body was meant to move; we all know that but we also know how we put so many other aspects of our lives ahead of daily natural movement.  And by natural movement I don’t mean our daily workouts, but daily ‘movement’. Nutritious movement that teaches our body how to be more aligned, which impacts how our digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system, fascial system and muscular system respond to activities we do all day.

I have been in front of my computer A LOT these days and I did not realize how sluggish I am feeling. This past week made me realize how quickly we can neglect our body. Simple things like deep breathing, hydration, spending a few minutes on a foam roller or block can make a huge difference.  Next week I am due for some preventative maintenance at our integrated therapies clinic.

As we give Thanks this weekend and turn our attention to our family and friends, be sure to spend a few moments thanking your body.  Your body that is meant to last a lifetime. If you do not take care of it, where are you going to live?  Walk, stretch, bend, twist, jump, throw, lift, run…do these activities fast or slow, but do something little everyday.  The investment in our health is one that will always yield positive returns. And remember, take a few moments to thank your body, thank it for the thousands of steps that it takes each week, for the little people in our lives that it lifts, for the pets it plays with, for the friends it meets, for the restful sleep it settles into, for the amazing adventure that is our life…..thank you body!