Thanksgiving Debrief

Hi Pilates Friends,

How was your Thanksgiving long weekend?  Was it filled with food, wine, relatives, and extra lounging on the couch with a belly full of too much food? I’ve learned over the last few months that a little planning in advance can help prevent those pounds from stealthily sneaking back onto my hips.

  • Exercise Plan:  I fit in an extra cardio workout on Friday, followed by a lively booty barre with Chrissy on Saturday morning and a walk around the neighborhood parks on Monday.
  • Food Plan:  Replaced one meal each day with a healthy smoothy, and filled my plate 1/2 full of vegetables at each meal.
  • Stress Plan:  A nightly pinky ball and roller session in my bedroom, with the door closed to the chatter of my house full of visitors

Although these strategies all helped to keep me on track, I still drank a little bit too much wine and ended up having dessert on Friday, Saturday and Monday nights.   What is different, however, is that instead of using this as an excuse to “start my diet again next week”, I jumped right back into healthy eating today, and I added Chrissy’s “Booty Barre Gravy Melt” class tonight.

Feeling good about my weekend and my choices!


Getting Fit at Lead Pilates