The Clamshell

Boy oh boy, every time I do them I just think – could that be any harder on the rear end? The one we did in Essentrics class today had even more going for it – we did regular ones, then lifting the leg like a hinge, then rotating, toe to toe, then knee to knee and it was crazy hard. Beyond that, I think that perhaps Tanis had it in for my obliques today. It felt like we worked them over at least 10 different times during the class today. I thought I was going to croak by the time we were doing side work on the mat at the end of class.

Earlier in the day the R & R class was led by Jana filling in for Jenn. The class was filled with the normal collection of head to toe releases. And unfortunately I learned something new today, something I sure didn’t want to hear. Jana said the newest findings on getting your fascia in shape and changing it from being a disaster area (well she didn’t say disaster area, but I often think that mine are in a state of disaster), are that the 3 times a week that they used to think would work is not enough. That the best thing is to do it every day for 6 weeks and then after that to keep at it for 5 days a week. I am not sure how I would make time for all of that rolling out but my feet and legs are going to be my starting point. Not sure I can actually do it but I am going to start and see how far I get. All the wasted screen time etc is going to get reworked to include some fascia release!