The Cruel Laugh of Fate

Oh wait once again it was just Jenn laughing that infectious laugh while she makes us do hideous things like that recharge bit in the circuit yesterday.  I just don’t get how just putting your legs up in the air is so hard, let alone that we had to do raises and lowers and flutter kicks.  All I know is I was so glad when that portion of the recharge class was done.

Since I am sitting here on a sugar crash after being at the Taste of Saskatchewan I am having a hard time remembering many of the details of the class.  I do remember we did one that I actually really enjoy – the balance one where you are on one leg and you reach forward with your hands (we were squeezing a bender ball between them) and reach back with your other foot.  Then you come back up hands over head with your off leg raised up (bent knee up).  Again not the best description I realize, but there it is anyway.  I always really enjoy that one.  The balance work really is enjoyable most of the time (except kneeling side kick thing LOL).

Just a quick plug – this Friday I will be shaving my head to raise money for the Saskatoon Cancer Centre and I am matching the first 150.00 donated.  So if you want to donate to the Cancer Centre now is the time to do it!  You can just let me know if you make a donation and I will put it on my note for matching. You could probably ask the ladies at the studio if they could forward a note to me if you don’t see me yourself.  Next time I see any of you it will be as a close to bald girl!