The end of an era…

Last Sunday was the last staff meeting at our Taylor Street location, it was also the last time we would be the Leading Ladies of Lead Pilates. In my head I tend to reminisce a lot; at the end of a session, I will say to myself “this is the last Piloxing class I will teach on the Winter 2015 session” or “this is the last time we will be decorating this space for the holidays”. It’s the way that my brain has learned to deal with change, to look back and celebrate the accomplishments, to be proud of all the hard work my team puts into changing lives that walk through our doors every single day. I love what Lead has become – it has exceeded every expectation that I ever had for this business. And while there will be a lot of ‘lasts’ over these next few weeks – some of the lasts are really exciting… the last time we will have to drag the ballet barres into the mat studio for Booty Barre, the last time that no more than 3 of our team will be able to fit into our staff room/storage room, the last time I will have to drag bags of towels home to wash and dry.

The best thing is that we are not saying good-bye to Lead – we are just saying good-bye to this chapter of Lead, much like the transition those of you who started with me in ‘Basement Pilates; we had to say ’goodbye’ when the studio moved out of our home and onto Taylor Street. We are ‘growing up’ in a way – it is still the same genuine people behind the wheel that you have come to trust. My Leading Ladies have never been more confident in their skills and as we add 9 new team members (and yes….they all are women, not intentionally, of course) we could not be more thrilled with their experience and passion for health and wellness. That makes 26 amazing Leading Ladies who are ready to show Saskatoon a different way of looking at movement, healing, training. Our business is about finding solutions to movement issues – whether is be an old nagging injury, chronic posture problems, a fresh injury, a body who is looking for something different because the regular way they have been training is not producing the results they are looking for – we improve quality of life for our clients. And at the end of the day – isn’t that the most amazing skill that we can teach someone? So, yes, there will be many ‘lasts’ over the next few weeks, I’m sure maybe a tear or two will be shed – but the best really is yet to come and we hope you will join us for the wild ride!

See you at the new studio on July 27th!!

– Jana