The most disappointing missed class ever

The thrift shop was plundered, the slightly 80s finds were slim pickings but with the help of my scissors and needle and thread a pretty decent little pseudo 80s workout ensemble was put together. It was just waiting for me to wash things (wednesday night) and then try to remember how to backcomb my hair to great heights (Thursday morning), endure a day of odd looks at work as I wore my 80s look proudly through the day (Thursday), and then to get to the studio for Chrissy’s Essentrics/TRX circuit (Thursday afternoon).

That was the plan. The first bit was all done, the outfit was together and ready to go. But then I spent Wednesday afternoon and night not washing up the thrift store finds, but in emergency with excruciating abdominal pains. Thought it might be appendix, thankfully it seems it wasn’t (and no it wasn’t something like indigestion LOL, but not anything serious thankfully). It only felt serious. But sadly after an afternoon and night of sharp stabbing pains in the abs, I didn’t think it would be that good an idea to face the ab work that is such a central part of all the classes at Lead.

This makes me very sad, I so wanted to come all 80’d up :(. But I have certainly enjoyed the posts on Facebook of everyone all done up and ready to roll, and rock. Hopefully, another opportunity will come up and I will get to come workout looking all 80s chic! Have fun tonight everyone!