The Power of Awareness and Intentional Movement

Hello Pilates Enthusiasts,

Hasn’t this September weather been spectacular?  It is a treat to still be leaving the house in workout clothes sans coat and mitts.  I’ve sure been enjoying the Fall Lead Pilates session with classes this past few weeks in Booty Barre, Core Align, Essentrics, Piloxing and Jump Board.  Loving the smorgasbord approach!

This week, instructors have been talking a lot about moving with intention.  The message is that moving intentionally helps you to make small adjustments that help you gain strength, increase flexibility, enhance balance, prevent or rehabilitate injuries, and ultimately achieve a more symmetrical body.  I think one of the biggest benefits of Pilates that I have experienced,  is that over time, it does increase your body awareness and train you to move more thoughtfully and intentionally.  It is now habit to correct my posture throughout the day or reposition my feet while walking down the street.  Moving with intention also fools people into thinking you are actually a former athlete! I quickly catch on to new exercises and am aware of my body and its positioning…Lead Pilates definitely owns the credit for that!

I think awareness and intention are also important aspects of a weight loss journey.  It is essential to be aware of what you eat, when you eat, and why you eat.  You also have to move intentionally toward better and healthier choices.   Making consistent small adjustments over time leads to thoughtful and intentional lifestyle changes.  Interesting parallel eh?

Getting Fit, Aware and Intentional at Lead Pilates