The ULTIMATE Summer Tune Up!

Our new Summer Tune Up 4-week Block Therapy experience is starting April 29. What could be better than a program that gets your body in shape for your summer activities?  The ULTIMATE Summer Tune Up, that’s what!  This unique combo of services at Lead was designed to get you the readiest for your ultimate summer, whatever that may be!

The Ultimate Summer Tune Up has 3 pieces to create a unmatched experience:

  • The Summer Tune Up 4-week experience: This includes eight 50-minute classes and your At Home Guide. Read more about the Summer Tune Up below.
  • The all new Lead Body Audit: The Body Audit is all about improving posture to enhance your wellbeing. It includes a 50-minute initial consult with one of our Body Auditors who will take you through a super cool experience where we take your pictures, upload them into our software and a personalized report is created that will show you where your current posture lies relative to your optimal posture. Your Body Auditor will create your Movement Prescription which will include 3-5 spinal mobility exercises, stretches and release options for you to work on at home. Then in 90 days you come back for a follow up to get new pictures taken. This allows you to see based on your Summer Tune Up work and your commitment to your classes, treatments and homework from your Movement Prescription how you have improved.
  • A Grocery Store Tour with our Holistic Nutritionist Nadia: A small group tour with up to four participants that will teach you valuable gems of nutrition info to complement the work you are doing on your Block. Grocery Store Tours are available at the following times:
    • Saturday, May 4 at 9:30am – Andre’s Independent
    • Tuesday, May 7 at 6:30pm- Sobeys Preston Crossing
    • Thursday, May 16 at 10:00am – Safeway University Heights
    • Tuesday, May 21st at 2:30pm – Save on Foods 8th St

This truly is the Ultimate package as it provides you with some metrics to compare your body to now and in 90 days, support/education from a nutrition perspective and your 4-week Block Therapy program!

Summer Tune Up

After surviving our harsh start to 2019, it is finally time to turn our focus to all the things we love about spring and summer. Prepping our yards so they can be our little oasis on those hot summer days, travelling to the lake for some much needed R&R, trying out new activities, checking out the amazing festivals that summer brings with it.  Whatever your jam is, you need a body that is ready for all of that summer action! Join us from April 29 – May 25 for our next 4-week total body Block Therapy experience we are calling our Summer Tune Up.

What is our Summer Tune Up all about, you might ask?!  We have created a simple, results-focused 4-week At Home Guide for you to follow each day (and it only takes about 15-20 minutes). The eight 50-minute classes that you can choose to attend are complimentary to your work at home. Note that if you are not physically in Saskatoon at times during this month or maybe you don’t live in Saskatoon, that is A-Okay – the success of this program is not dependent on the 8 classes, it really lives in your commitment during the 4 weeks and completing your daily Block Therapy work at home.

What can you expect over the 4 weeks? We will be targeting our feet (we know how cute summer footwear is or how much we will be in our golf shoes, but they can wreak havoc on our feet);  lower and upper legs which will help to improve joint alignment of the hips, knees and ankles (listen up all of you runners out there!!!); we will include positions to improve digestion and sculpt and tone your waistline; touch on the fascia that lives on the sides of your body so that those who love to golf, play tennis, garden, or get out on the river and row will notice improvements.  We will also include positions for improving shoulder health, targeting headaches, arm functionality (hello carpal tunnel) and relax the tissues in the face.  There is TONS of value in these 4 weeks!!

Get your Summer Tune Up Package

If you ALREADY own a Block:

  1. You can choose the ULTIMATE Summer Tune Up Package for $289 (until April 16). After April 16 the price will increase to $339.  [$359 value if purchased separately]. Click to buy now!  OR
  2. You can choose to invest in the Summer Tune Up on its own for $139. Click here to purchase.

If you DO NOT own a Block:

  1. You can choose the ULTIMATE Summer Tune Up Package with Block Buddy for $399 (until April 16). After April 16, the price will increase to $449. [$474 value if purchased separately]. Click to buy now! OR
  2. You can choose to invest in the Summer Tune Up on its own for $249, which includes a Block Buddy for your at home work. Click here to purchase.