The Under-Use Injury

Over-fatigued, over-tired, over-stretched, overuse. These are words and descriptions whittling their way into our vocabulary in relation to health and exercise often leading to another daunting end: injury. I read once that we are no longer merely stressed, in our lives but that we now incorporate many adjectives to describe just how much: very busy, extremely sore, so exhausted.

I often enjoy playing devil’s advocate in looking at situations from a different perspective. What if our aches and pains are a result of under rather than over? Under-recovered, under-hydrated, under-rested? It seems daunting to think of “adding” anything more to our already hectic routines, but what if we could change perspective to help tilt the scales into better balance?

At the core, our musculoskeletal system is an intricate combination of pulleys and levers. Breakdown often occurs when the symmetry and equilibrium between left and right, top and bottom, front and back, are disrupted. However, rather than beat ourselves up about our “problem areas”, what if we take a second look towards areas of unfulfilled potential?

It may take some help from an objective perspective (perhaps the well trained eye of a healthcare practitioner) but the next time your body starts voicing its concerns, try exploring the idea that less is more. Take a break, drink water between rounds of coffee, or train those muscles you sometimes ignore. A different vantage point can open up a variety of new options to help avoid injury before it happens, or to simply achieve more balance in our physical lives.


Written by Nicole Loucks, MPT/AT(c)