Things One Must Not Do

One must never say “oh no” when you see that Chrissy will be leading your second TRX class in 3 days. I believe this brings out the big guns on the workout. And what a drippy sweat inducing class it was. My poor little (okay not soooo little) arms were feeling the “love”.

One must not wimp out on the single leg squats just because they are hard LOL. I guess I see very clearly I really need to do more of them not less of them. So if you see me standing at the bus stop doing single leg squats you will know why.

One must not take almost 2 full weeks off of classes and then return to the above mentioned TRX classes (well unless you like a great workout and getting all sweaty – so maybe this really is a “One must always follow 2 weeks off with really sweaty workouts).

I am excited for the upcoming session. I signed up this morning and am definitely looking forward to a good session full of lots of those sweaty workouts. I think this one is “One must not miss out on registering for your favourite classes for the new session”. Or alternately “One must not miss the opportunity to sign up for some new classes that will challenge you in different ways than what you have been doing lately”. I think I have managed to satisfy both of those this time.

So excited for the new session!