Thinking Like An Olympian

As the excitement builds for the Olympics, I have been thinking about “what inspires someone to commit to the long-haul?”.   You don’t become an Olympian without a good plan, regular training, excellent coaching, healthy nutrition, and appropriate rest/sleep.  Olympians are successful because they know the formula for success and they stick with it over many months and years of training.  Their goal of representing their country, and being the best that they can be, override everything else.  I can see parallels as I move along my own path to fitness and a healthy weight.  The weeks where I see the most success, are the weeks where I am true to the whole formula (exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, sleep).   In true Olympic spirit – I have ramped up my game – adding two weight training/HIT sessions to my 3x per week pilates regime … and of course I have registered to be part of our very own Lead Olympics!

See you on the podium!

Getting Fit at Lead Pilates

Haven’t registered yet for the Lead Olympics – do it right now!