Tips to Help You Stay on Top of Your Health Goals During the Holidays

I know, I know…you’ve probably seen this kind of blog topic every day since the start of this month. But, there is a reason for that. As a Pilates Instructor, I know how hard my clients work to achieve their short and long-term health goals, only to feel like they go back to square one because they didn’t get as much movement and exercise as they wanted during the holiday season. I’m sure that even some of you may already be dealing with the ‘guilt’.

Firstly, don’t punish yourself. We are all in this together.  My hope is to share some tips that you haven’t yet considered or read on any other blog. Tips that can help you feel less guilty and maybe start to think of movement not like punishment, but the chance to bring your body and mind to a happier place. Tips to help you get those ‘feel good’ endorphins flowing throughout.

1) Schedule movement into your day like an appointment
Don’t have 30-60 minutes to spare at one time? Break it up into three 5–10-minute chunks in your day. In fact, breaking it up will make you feel more energized throughout the day. Perhaps you plan it either just before or after you’re done your meal.

2) Make it a game
While visiting my family, I have some very active nephews that I need to keep up with. I get my exercise time in with them. They also have a blast with me. Use a deck of cards and decide what exercise coordinates with the card. Have everyone pick out a card, put it in order, and start moving! Decide how long this game is and repeat the order of the cards.

3) Join an on-line or in-studio class
Sometimes it’s more motivating to workout/exercise when you know others are working out at the same time. Luckily, at Lead, we have a Holiday Schedule with both at-home and in-person class options. We even came up with a Pilates Circuit Mix Prop Pack on special throughout the holidays. It’s the perfect way to have the collection of props you need to attend classes like our new Pilates Circuit Mix from the comfort of your own home!

4) Make everyday chores/tasks a time to move differently
While folding your laundry, can you balance on one foot? While waiting for food to warm up in the microwave, can you go to the wall and do a wall sit or some squats? If you’re going down to the basement to grab *insert random item here*, do you have time to go up and down the stairs 5 or 6 times to get your heartrate up?

5) Get on the floor when visiting
Instead of sitting on the couch and chatting away, maybe you’re “that person”. The one who has all their mobility props with them while they visit. The one stretching and doing random things on the floor instead of feeling stuck to a couch. Well, I am “that person” when visiting my family. They know I’m odd, but sometimes they’ll even join me!

I hope this offers you some new options. I would love to know what great ideas you come up with, too. I look forward to hearing from all my clients on how their holidays went and what they did to keep up with their health and wellness goals, so 2022 can start without guilt!