TRX with Spouse

So today I brought the hubby to TRX & Restore with me. It was his first time there and it was a super hard class LOL. Kind of makes me chuckle a little bit that he got such a difficult run of it on his very first time at the class. I haven’t risked asking him yet if he might want to go to it regularly. Might have to help him with a bit of rolling out etc this evening so he doesn’t feel it so bad tomorrow (although who am I kidding it is really me who probably needs to do that since I can certainly feel it in various parts of my body today).

The big hit spots I think are the chest (but high up near the shoulders, you know the spot you roll out with the pinky ball against the wall when you are facing the wall with your arm extended out?). That and if I sit here typing much longer I will also need to roll out the back with the pinky ball against the wall (we got a minute or two of that in class but not enough for my liking – some days I feel like I could just do that for hours and hours and hours).

I did a little bit of shopping today at Lead as well – pokey pods that I intend to play on with my nephews who will enjoy them a lot and I will get to work on them too! And an italian ball for the ab release work – so hideous but so awesome.

Well so that I am not all hunchbacked for the rest of the day I will cut things off here and let my body have a break from the sitting at the keyboard (which makes for more pain than TRX ever could).