Using Lead for a full recovery.

They say when life hands you lemons…..make lemonade!  Over the next 10 weeks you will be able to follow Samantha’s journey from lemons to lemonade with Lead!
When we moved to our new location this summer, we started to get to know our Sutherland neighbours, that is how we met Samantha.  She is part of the amazing team over at Parr Autobody.  Samantha started seeing Dr MacKenzie for a jaw issue that other therapies were not able to solve, she also found that the RMTs at Lead were a great fit for her and she started to take classes at the studio as well.  She was feeling great and then….the lemon…..she was in a motor vehicle accident which you will learn more about in her first blog which is being posted this week.
Sam's Car

The idea for this experiment with Lead and Samantha was the result of a ‘tea and coconut cream pie’ date that Chelsea from Parr and I had one afternoon.  We turned lemons into lemonade that day! You will get to follow Samantha on her journey of taking her body through the phases we call fix, then foundation and back to fun!  Learn more about the classes she is taking and why we have recommended them for her, learn more about our amazing instructors at the studio and our cutting edge clinicians at our Integrated Therapies area.  We are confident that in 10 weeks she will methodically make her way back to a pain free life!