We were all the rage on Saskatoon media this week!

It was a busy week at the studio this last week. I guess that the New Year’s Resolutions are still top of mind for everyone! We were so happy to have Global Saskatoon Morning News (@SaskMorningNews) and Jessica Kent join us for a demo of Piloxing & Booty Barre.  I think that she loved every minute of it. Now we just need to convince Lisa Dutton to join us for a Booty Barre class as well!

Here is a quick recap of the Global Morning Saskatoon show:

The following morning we invited CTV Morning Live‘s correspondent Stephanie into the studio. Stephanie was put through her paces, she tried TRX, Booty Barre, Piloxing and some of the Pilates equipment.


Finally, we rounded out the week by hosting the C95 Bachelorette!! Chelsey and Kory came in for their private Pilates date. Although she didn’t pick Kory in the end, they definitely had fun at the studio and perfected the double elephant, check it out!