Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a form of assisted stretching that targets fascial connective tissue and joint capsules to increase range of motion and stability, improve performance, and reduce pain. In addition, it’s a pain-free method that is great for injury prevention and rehabilitation!

FST has no age restrictions and has benefit for all fitness levels. FST Practitioners focus on the body as a whole connected unit by stretching entire fascial nets as opposed to just one individual muscle. This helps to optimize results and improve your overall performance in your everyday life.

The emphasis of our FST Practitioner in Saskatoon is on long term sustainability. To do this, we include an educational component to your FST sessions. This involves teaching you movement based stretches, corrective exercise, joint stability, workplace ergonomics, breathing patterns, and proper muscle activation. As a result, you will learn to maintain the results achieved in your session.

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a great addition to your current wellness program! Combining therapies such as massage, chiropractic, and physiotherapy with FST supports your overall wellness and speeds up the process of getting the results you crave.

FST combined with massage therapy treatments split the time evenly between both services or you can request a customized balance to best suit your preferences. This combination provides more in depth treatment to areas of concern or can be used relax and stretch the full body. Providing the localized benefit of massage which concentrates on a particular area, plus the global benefit of FST by lengthening tissue that was just worked on can help to restore proper function and mobility in the body.

Appointment Price Incl. tax
30 minute FST Session $55.00 $57.75
60 minute FST Session $85.00 $89.25
90 minute FST + Massage Therapy $120.00 $126.00
120 minute FST + Massage Therapy $155.00 $162.75

If you are considering an integrated health plan or are unsure where to get started with Fascial Stretch Therapy in Saskatoon, contact us! Lead is a convenient resource located in Saskatoon for comprehensive health and wellness.