Fascial Stretch Therapy was originally developed for professional athletes and sport specific movement, but it is not limited to athletes. Leading an active life can put strain on your body, FST helps to relieve your fascial stress and improve overall performance. FST is a method of guided stretching that is pain-free, fast acting, and provides long term benefits to your entire body. We work with you to reach your fitness and wellness goals at any level, beginner or professional.

It’s common to have different areas of tension in separate sides of the body. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to assess and reassess clients’ bodies during treatment.

Assisted stretching benefits you by opening the full fascial line, providing you with reduced pain and improved mobility. Our Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist in Saskatoon is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals and create sustainable change.

Some areas where FST can provide benefit:
  • persistent back and hip pain
  • hypertension
  • lack of mobility or stiff joints
  • plantar fasciitis
  • posture, including forward head posture
  • injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • shoulder impingement
  • hip impingement
  • stress
  • sports specific movement
  • muscle activation
  • tingling/numbness in fingers and toes

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