The Holistic Approach of Kinesiology/Manual Therapy

Kinesiology is the scientific study of the mechanics of body movements.  Manual therapy is a holistic approach that consists of many techniques, including: joint mobilizations, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, fluid techniques, scar work and strain-counterstrain release.  Our Kinesiologist/Manual Therapist in Saskatoon offers a unique treatment that blends the two modalities of kinesiology and manual therapy.  Treatment includes realigning your body’s tissues in order to relieve your body’s stresses that may contribute to discomfort and pain.

The goal with treatment is to restore the health, mobility, and vitality of your body.

Kinesiology and Manual Therapy can be a great compliment to your overall wellness plan.  Our Kinesiologist/Manual Therapist works alongside our integrated team of heath care and fitness professionals who are all ready to help you meet your wellness goals. If you are unsure if you should get started now, please contact us and we will assist you.

During your appointment, our Kinesiologist/Manual Therapist will assess your body from head to toe to find mobility issues that may have derived from trauma, illness, stress, injury, or even everyday activities. From there, a hands-on approach is taken to alleviate tension, improve range of motion and mobility. You will also receive a home care program with several stretches and exercises to help promote your body in its gain of mobility and function.

Benefits of this form of treatment include a decrease in discomfort and/or pain, improved mobility and range of motion.  You may feel stronger and more stable, as well as less stressed and less fatigued.

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Kinesiologists learn a variety of subjects such as exercise physiology, human anatomy, nutrition, biomechanics, motor learning and development, and psychology. These studies allow a kinesiologist to take a holistic approach to treatment to help provide a proper plan to aide in a person’s goals to help improvement health and wellness. The main focus of a kinesiologist is to examine the biomechanics of a person and help provide exercises and stretches to strengthen areas of the body where imbalances are seen.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy looks not only to the structures of the body, but also to the fluids of the body (lymph, blood, cerebrospinal fluid) and looks to treat joints, muscles, and organs that may be inhibiting and/or over-facilitating the pathways of nerves and fluids. By using subtle hands-on techniques, a manual therapist can restore the structure and function of the affected structures to allow the promotion of movement, health and vitality in the body.


Treatment Price Incl. Tax
Initial Kinesiology + Manual Therapy Appointment – 90 min $120.00 $126.00
Follow up Kinesiology + Manual Therapy Appointment – 60 min $100.00 $105.00