Pelvic Floor Health Analysis

Lead Pelvic Floor Health uses VESy, a visual tool that allows to us get concrete information about the muscles in your pelvic floor. We have clients that come to us who are post-partum or menopausal who want to improve their quality of life. The Lead Pelvic Floor Health program is perfect for women and men.

70% of patients with stress urinary incontinence avoided the need for surgery through the VESy software and process.

Greater than 50% of patients with overactive bladders saw improvement.

Schedule your Pelvic Floor Health Analysis for $340*.

This includes:

  • 7 Mat Foundations classes to learn the exercises and keep you practicing
  • Full Pelvic Floor Health Analysis
  • Individual feedback on the exercises to restore your pelvic floor
  • Re-test after 30 days

Your hard work begins once you complete your analysis. Your prescribed exercise plan must be followed in order achieve the best result. In addition to your home practice, we recommend working with our Lead Pelvic Floor Health Coaches to create better success rates.

The following classes are optional but highly recommended:

Lead Pelvic Floor Health Private Strengthening Series

Private, one-on-one training sessions are 50 minutes.  Learn more.

The Pelvic Floor Health Analysis is a 3 Step Process:

1) Sensors

We first attach sensors to your pelvic floor to allow us to measure the activation level in a muscle. There are four sensors in total: perineum, transversus abdominis, lower extremity adductors, and gluteals. In order for these sensor to function properly they are required to be placed directly on the skin. For this reason we will require you to remove your clothing from the waist down including your underwear. These sensors will tell us which muscles need more help than others.

We ask that you wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. Your Pelvic Floor Health Coach will be there walking you through every step and ensuring that you are comfortable.

2) Exercises

We will work together to go through 3 exercises in front of the software and once completed, we will remove the sensors and can then evaluate your results.

During your session, we will be monitoring your muscle recruitment and determining if we need to focus on pelvic floor engagement or release.

3) Feedback

At the end of your session, you will be provided with individual feedback for the 3 exercises that will help to restore your pelvic floor. These exercises can be done at home during your home practice and in the remaining 4 Mat Foundations classes held at Lead Pilates’ studio.

* Once your Pelvic Floor Health Analysis is booked you must complete 3 Mat Foundations classes prior to your appointment.
* Your classes and analysis will take place at Lead. The analysis takes approximately 1 hour to complete.
* We ask that you come about 15 minutes early, this way we can get you processed and it will give you enough time to change into some comfortable clothing.