The Village

We are a community of women who are looking for something. Some of us cannot, at this point, see what that is, but we know it is out there for us to explore, create, find – we see that other people have it, but aren’t sure how to get it. Some of us see the big picture, but are unsure of the individual steps needed to make the big picture a reality. Some of us are surrounded by people who love us, yet we still feel isolated, unheard, or unseen. Some of us realize we are in a funk, we don’t know how we got there, but we know that we do not want to stay here. Some of us are physically on our own, some of us are mentally on our own, some of us are spiritually on our own.

Your time is now.

It’s time to be vulnerable in order to rise up
It’s time to be introspective in order to change your reality
It’s time to trust yourself in order to use your voice
It’s time to be educated in order to be empowered
It’s time to care for yourself in order to care for others

Welcome home, welcome to The Village.

What is The Village?

The Village is an online, group-based, 10-month transformational coaching experience that starts in Fall 2021. Dionne uses a three phased approach to help you regain control of your life and show up with confidence and clarity everyday.

Here is what your Village experience includes:

  • 3 Life Assessments (one done in each phase), this is the measuring tape that will show you your growth over the 10 months
  • 13 one-hour group mastermind calls where we will cover off topics on wellness, fitness, balancing life, resilience, nutrition, sleep, and so much more. Calls are recorded so in case you are unable to be on a call live, you can watch it later.
  • Accountability and support partners to connect with throughout the program.
  • 1 half-day workshop that features breath-work, meditation, an unlimiting ceremony, and guest speakers
  • Wrap-up Celebration to reflect on your wins!
  • Access to The Village Telegram chat group which is how we build our community and stay in touch with each other in between calls


Access to The Village is $600 for the 10-month session or $63.00/month for 10 months.

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