Lead Reflexology + BodyTalk Treatments


Reflexology is provided on a treatment table. Only your feet and up to the mid calf area are touched. Calming music plays in the background as you receive a relaxing treatment!


The BodyTalk System seeks to address the “whole person”. This means that no aspect of the human psyche can be overlooked, be it emotional, physical or environmental. BodyTalk is a whole-healthcare system that supports and promotes the wellbeing of any person, animal, or plant. Instead of focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the underlying causes of illness by addressing the whole-person and their whole-story.

The BodyTalk techniques provide insights to the areas of your body that need attention. With the use of a variety of non-invasive techniques, BodyTalkers refocus your body’s natural healing response to establish better communication within the body.

Lead’s Reflexologist offers the following treatment options:

Reflexology & BodyTalk  Price
60 Minute Session $140.00
60  Minute Session $115.00