What a Re-Leaf it is Almost Summer!

Spring is often a time of hope, growth and renewed energy. This spring has been challenging for us all. Thankfully, the sun is shining now and we can get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Many people, including myself, are starting to enjoy the sun by planting their garden or flowers.

Gardening is something that I have always loved doing. I remember as a little girl helping my Mom and Grandma plant and tend to their beautiful gardens. I would look forward to getting my hands and feet dirty in the cool soil. This love for gardening continued to grow with me into adulthood. When planning our yard I made sure that there was plenty of room for trees, flowers and a garden! There is something so healing and inspiring about watching a plant grow. When you give a plant your love and attention and it thrives! We could all learn this lesson from plants and give some love and attention to our own bodies.

When gardening we are often bending or kneeling in awkward positions. This can take a toll on our knees, hips and back. When planting my garden this year I made sure that after I planted every row I took a break to stand up and do a Pilates stretch! It took me a little longer to plant but I felt less sore the next day and I had extra energy to plant even more! I also made the conscious effort to plant things that made me happy. When choosing my flowers, I picked colours and varieties that would make me smile every day.

While you are giving your garden or flowers some love remember to give yourself a little love too! Take some time to move through the Pilates spinal movements before you begin working in your garden and take breaks throughout to stand up and stretch.

While enjoying your garden this summer try:

  • embracing the Pilates spinal movements! Just like in a Pilates class at Lead do a standing warm up moving through the spinal movements. Try to get some flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion in. Then to make your Lead instructors even more proud, finish your gardening with a roll down!
  • taking a water bottle outside with you to help ensure that you stay hydrated. Just like the plants you are growing you also need lots of water. Add some ice or fruit slices to make it more exciting!
  • taking time out of every day to enjoy your flowers and garden. Stop and smell those roses! Just taking a few diaphragmatic breaths of fresh air can have a positive effect on any day!

Hope to see you in the studio soon!

– Tenneyl