What exactly does TRX stand for?

Here are my 2 answers, TortureR eXtreme and Tight Region eXtender. It has been a really long time since I did TRX and today was just some insight into how weakling I got during my time off and my reduced workouts time. My triceps, biceps, abs, legs all felt like they were experiencing the first name, it was hard, it burned, I sweated, and I even huffed and puffed a bit.

But one of the glorious things about TRX is that for all the agony those simple little straps combined with your own body and own choices can create there is also the counterpoint. Those straps, your body, and your choices can create wonderful opening stretches that feel absolutely great.

I am also reminded, by the wise and slightly mean, Carly that the work with this system recruits your whole body and supports functional movement improvement. You don’t work your triceps in isolation, you work them in conjunction with your core that stabilizes you throughout the movement.

So get your blend of torture and extension by giving TRX a try if you haven’t tried it before, or maybe get back to it if you have been away for a while like me!