What’s the Big Deal with Fascia?

As a Block Therapy instructor, I am often asked: ‘Will Block Therapy help my neck pain?’; ‘Will it help me stretch my muscles?’; or ‘Will this help me breathe better?’ The answer is Yes! Yes! Yes! Plus so much more! Block Therapy is not only an amazing therapy, it is also an exercise and a relaxing meditation.  I’m also asked, ‘What’s the big deal with fascia?’ I love to answer that one; so, let me tell you!

Fascia is connective tissue that runs throughout our body. It is a sheath-like webbing that keeps all our tissues and bones supported, protected and in their ideal place.  Fascia needs to be flexible and elastic so that we can move our bodies properly and so our organs can function freely without being squashed. However, due to poor posture, over-caffeination, dehydration, plus the constant pull of gravity, fascia becomes stiff and ‘stuck’, restricting our movement and causing us pain, fatigue, chronic illness and premature aging.

Block Therapy focuses on releasing fascia.  Using a variety of positions on the block we target 3 specific areas of the body: Core; Legs and Pelvis; and Head, Neck and Arms.  We combine deep diaphragmatic breath with pressure of the block to create heat. This is the specific combination that must be used to release fascia.  Once fascia starts to release, our posture improves, our energy increases, and all the systems of the body run more smoothly because of less congestion (detoxification) and more blood flow. Our bodies enter a state of natural healing. We feel better! And that is a Big Deal!

If you find that you want experience less pain, have greater flexibility and energy, and be able to breathe in more deeply, Block Therapy is definitely for you!!


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