When Nature Calls

Hi All!

It’s me, Katie.

Recently there was a whole week dedicated to Naturopathic Medicine … this is clearly not being posted during that convenient timeframe, because I’m a rebel and like to be fashionably late to the party… so I’m writing about it whenever I feel like it. So there.

When I first thought about seeing an ND (Naturopathic Doctor), I kind of expected to go and be told to change my entire diet, eat a bunch of Chinese hoodoo voodoo pills that I couldn’t pronounce, and possibly get a bunch of needles stuck in me for an extended period of time.

This wasn’t exactly a completely unfair suspicion since I have seen some other people in the past when this exact aforementioned scenario shook down. I should also mention that all of these things technically have legitimate purposes, but its funny to picture them all happening at once.

Jana, owner and founder of Lead, brought Dr. Willow Langille up during one of our conversations and suggested it couldn’t hurt to see her. She practices right in the Lead facility on the Integrated Health Therapies side.

Did you know most benefit plans cover visits to an ND? I didn’t, but it turns out they do – so why not give it a shot!? Plus, Lead direct bills your insurance company, which was a hot selling feature for me!

My initial intake form was completed on online – and heads up, it was 13 pages. I felt like Dr. Willow and I were somehow accidentally being set up on eHarmony.

Then my initial consultation with her was 75 minutes. The longest first date I’ve ever had, and with the most personal questions. Not ideal for a dating match, but awesome for a doctor! When was the last time a doctor spent that much time with you, really trying to see your health as one big connected picture? Probably never.

Dr. Willow didn’t spend a lot of time talking about food with me. **proud face** We are both of the belief that sugar is a major contributor to all kind of health problems so there was no need to preach to the choir on that one. I’m not perfect, but I eat lots of whole vegetables and fruit, lean protein, and lots of healthy fats. I also drink wine, which sometimes leads to the occasional chicken nugget, but sh*t happens. #sorrynotsorry

For the issues I am dealing with (weight gain, raging pms, and low energy levels to name a few…) she drew me a nice little skribbly diagram about how ultimately all my issues were likely related and could potentially be helped by working to discover and treat the underlying cause or causes, which can sometimes be one big thing that sends a whole bunch of other things out of whack as collateral damage.

After reviewing my bloodwork and a physical exam, I was sent off for a month with the prescription of carrying on with my current diet, adding in more exercise, and a regimen of what I call my “herbs and spices”.

It’s pretty cool, the prescription for my various herbs and spices were sent to a dispensary, I filled it online, and they magically appeared on my doorstep a few days later.

I see her again in a month to see what’s up. I feel like a cool science experiment and am interested to see what will happen based on her treatment recommendations.

Stay tuned for another post down the road about my experience adding Naturopathic Medicine into my sphere of self-care. In the meantime, book yourself an appointment! You are likely covered and it can’t hurt to have another professional opinion to work with in conjunction with conventional medicine to optimize your health.

If you are cool enough, I might let you join my “Herb and Spice of the Month Club”.