Why Bliss?


We need to teach our brains how to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n. Our movement is a function of our environment.  I am sure we have all experienced how our shoulders creep up to our ears when we have a stretch of -40 below weather, the result is usually neck and upper back tension.  In this way, as we are living in our fast forward world (our environment), we have fewer moments where we are actually ‘at rest’.

A few years ago, I learned a profound concept from Dr. Philip Beach, who is an Osteopath from New Zealand.   In our training he said – “like you cannot have day without night; you cannot have good movement without good rest.”  This class is about teaching the body how to “have good rest”.

The benefits of this class include – increasing your mind-body connection; enhancing our diaphragmatic breath work that is so critical to oxygenating our trillions of cells and keeping respiratory issues at bay; and learning skills to calm your mind so you can call on these skills when you need them.  You will leave this class in a state of bliss.

We encourage you to experience Bliss in your body.  We are launching Bliss in December (which we believe is perfect timing as the holiday hustle and bustle approaches!) and are hosting free classes on:

In the Winter 2017 schedule that starts on January 3 classes will run on Thursdays at 9:15am and 7:45pm.

Bliss – 50 minutes of just that….bliss. In a fast forward world our nervous system responds to the 50,000 plus messages in a day we get bombarded with. This class brings mindfulness, breath and mindful movement together to create a body and mind that learn how to rest. Bliss takes place in the Group Equipment studio on the Trapeze Tables and is part of your teaser or session pack or your membership. Leave this class feeling calm and refreshed with a new sense of clarity.
This class is appropriate for most bodies, there is a requirement to be on your back for about 20 minutes of the class – so you must be able to manage this position.