Why Do We Wait So Long?

Read Michelle’s story about her journey with Lead. Get inspired. Michelle was our recent winner of Master the Move and she’s committed to her Pilates practice and thanks the experts at Lead in Saskatoon for helping her regain movement.12801600_10154007963897317_4295578534709359726_n

Pain. Yup. Capital ‘P’ pain. Most of us have experienced the sudden pain of a muscle spasm. Or the dull aching pain of tired overused muscles. Or perhaps it’s the unpredictable come-and-go pain of an injury that has never fully healed. We take pain killers, restrict our range of motion, and tell ourselves we should ‘rest’ to let the injury heal. We take a deep breath and wait for the pain to go away. And wait. And wait. Yet the pain persists. So then we tell ourselves, ‘well, I guess this is just part of the ‘aging’ process.’

Or is it? I love to garden. For me, gardening in the summer is like breathing oxygen. I love it so much that I take care of my neighbor’s yard too. She has a big beautiful yard with an abundance of flower beds and a triple-tiered rock garden. A gardener’s dream come true.

One fine August day I was into full gardening mode on the tiered flower bed. Overturning soil. Chucking weeds. In my Happy Place. When suddenly it happened. One leg stayed on the top level of the tiered bed. The other leg straddled the remaining two levels. I was doing the splits. I’ve never done the splits in my life. My heart was pounding through the pain: was something broken? Dislocated? Phew, no. I climbed off the flower bed and that was pretty much it for the rest of the summer. I hunkered down, took pain meds, and waited for the pain to go away. Except it didn’t. It got worse and worse.

I kept coming to Lead Cycle and Piloxing. But afterwards my hip would ache. At night, trying to sleep, I couldn’t get comfortable. I could no longer do my 5k walks at the Fieldhouse because the muscles in my hip would go into spasm. I stopped doing Pilates. I figured, ‘I’ll get back into it when my hip feels better.’ Better never came. Pain was making my decisions for me.

In December my husband and I joined the Lead Pilates retreat in Mexico. One of the highlights was having the opportunity to enjoy a private class with Jana Danielson, Master Instructor and Owner of Lead Pilates. We decided to do a Block Therapy session aimed at releasing the fascial tissue and loosening the muscles around my hip area. I talked to Jana about the pain I was experiencing. Lead Integrated Therapies was now in full swing. Lead was offering Chiropractic and Massage Therapy treatments to its clients. Jana mentioned that I might want to look into treatment to take a closer look at what was happening in my hip.

The Pain was finally pushing me to take action. When we got back from the retreat I booked an appointment with Dr. Rikki Mackenzie. She asked me a number of questions as to what had happened and then examined my hip by testing my range of motion and performing a few strength tests on various muscles. I have to admit I was apprehensive. I thought, ‘what if my hip can’t be fixed, what if this is going to last forever?’ But Dr. Rikki put me at ease. She explained where the issues in my hip stemmed from and what she could do to loosen tight muscles, get some movement going in the affected joints thus start to alleviate some of the pain I was experiencing.

So we went ahead and began treatment. Every adjustment brought me closer to resolving the issues and being rid of the pain that had been ‘bossing’ me around for so many months. In order to help alleviate general muscle tightness Dr. Rikki also suggested I add massage therapy to the chiropractic treatments. I booked my first massage with Suzanne. I couldn’t believe how relaxed my hip muscles felt after the first treatment. My hip only felt better with each subsequent chiropractic/massage appointment.

My hip no longer aches after exercise, I can walk at the Fieldhouse again and I can sleep without pain. I am so glad, with Jana’s encouragement, I sought treatment. The only question left in my mind is ‘why did I wait so long?’