You Are YOUR Very Own Superhero

I am a huge fan of superheroes.  Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman – you name it! Superheroes are an incredible group of seemingly ordinary people who possess exceptional abilities to protect and defend against harm and danger. It would be so cool to have superhero powers.  I mean, who wouldn’t love to be exceptionally strong, or have amazing balance and coordination, or have injuries heal instantly?  But, that is only for superheroes, right?


Did you know that YOU are a superhero?  That’s right!  You are!  You are YOUR very own superhero.  No, you don’t have to born on another planet, or be the subject of an unfortunate lab accident, or be born of the Greek gods.  The truth is that every time you choose to come take a class or have a treatment at Lead, you are exercising exceptional superhero capabilities.

Your body is extraordinary, so treat it that way!  We have specifically designed each of our classes to help you meet a ‘Superhero’s’ goals.  All our Pilates, Fitness and Equipment classes will help you strengthen and stretch your muscles. CoreAlign and Bodhi classes will help you find balance and coordination. Block Therapy classes (my favourite) and our Integrated Therapies practitioners will help assist you in preventing disease and healing injuries.

So, you see, you are YOUR very own Superhero! You are making the choice to protect and defend your body and your health.  You are strengthening and lengthening your muscles so you can become extra strong like Superman.  You are creating posture and alignment so you can have amazing balance and coordination like Spiderman. And, just like Wonder Woman, your ability to heal from disease and injury becomes powerful and … well …. wonderful!!

Pow, Wham, Zap!!


Take the next step in your superhero story and book a class or treatment now!