Your Lymphatic System

Imagine an aquarium: a big fish tank with the glass walls, rocks, fish, coral, etc. The tank looks great and everything in the tank is thriving with life. Now, I want you to imagine that same tank if the filter system was dysfunctional. The water is murky and stagnant, there is bacteria and fungus starting to grow, and the fish do not thrive. You can replace the fish, replace the coral, and even change the water but life will not thrive in the tank until you fix the filter system. The filter system in the tank is similar to the lymphatic system of your body.

Your lymphatic system is what cleans up metabolic waste and filters it through your lymph nodes. Your cells use nutrients from the blood stream to replenish themselves. This produces metabolic waste. If not for your lymphatic system, your cells would end up sitting in their own filth essentially. Your cells are programmed to heal and work in a certain way. To do this effectively, they need proper nutrition and a healthy environment. This means you need proper blood and lymph flow for your cells to perform at their best.

There are clusters of lymph nodes around your body that act as check points for the lymph fluid. At these check points, the fluid gets examined for bacteria, viruses, and toxins. These areas can become congested. Stress (physical, emotional, chemical) causes your tissues to contract, twist, and compress. This causes tightness and poor fluid dynamics which then causes you to become stagnant and you can’t regenerate and heal.

Don’t worry! You can help your lymphatic system. Diaphragmatic breathing, movement/exercise, and different forms of touch can influence fluid flow and improve lymphatic function.

The BIG SIX Sequence

The following is a sequence I learned from Dr. Perry Nickelston that helps stimulate large clusters of lymph nodes for better fluid flow.

Over these six areas I want you to rub back and forth 5 times and then tap 5 times. The order is very important as we want to stimulate areas of low pressure to high pressure to get the best results. This can be done daily.

  1. Above the collar bones
  2. Upper neck/behind ear
  3. Armpit/front shoulder
  4. Stomach – between bottom of ribs and pelvis
  5. Groin – between hip bone (ASIS) and pubic bone
  6. Behind knees – above and below

– Dr. Lindsay Ludba