You’ve GOT to Run/Walk

Oh boy, the mud run, run/walk group was fantastic today. We hooked up with the triathalon training group that Carly has been training for a while and it was really great. Nice welcoming friendly group of people. No pressure to run like crazy, but enough encouragement to have me pushing myself a bit – which is the point!

I just want to keep using the word fantastic – because that is how I am feeling post workout! So, another fantastic thing was the interesting variety of things we did. I wasn’t at all sure what to expect at this, but it was interesting and varied enough that it wasn’t like I was just walking and jogging for a long time or anything.

We also did some dynamic stretching, some nice circuit work which was awesome (okay – great, awesome, AND fantastic are all wanting to come out repeatedly), and some core work as well. It was an excellent rounded workout that had me really impressed with myself. I was able to do more jogging than I had really expected, like I say just enough encouragement to get me to push a bit, but no pressure.

In a nutshell – if you are even remotely considering doing this SIGN UP!!!!! I am really happy I decided to sign up for this. It was SUPER, FANTASTIC, AWESOMELY GREAT (look I fit all of them together plus a super for good measure). But seriously I feel amazing right now – so get your free high by coming out to walk/run!